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Lexington's own World of Darkness LARP troupe, Bloody Athens LARP, will be presenting a set of live-action role-playing exhibition games at Lexicon 2017, running the Friday and Saturday of the convention. Unlike previous years, however, we are presenting TWO LARPs for your enjoyment and amusement: Vampire the Masquerade, and a special exhibition of our upcoming troupe game, Werewolf the Apocalypse.

Join us at Lexicon 2017, Lexington's premiere gaming convention, on the weekend of May 5th through May 7th, at the Clarion Convention Center in Lexington, Kentucky], for two nights of intrigue, horror and visceral roleplay in the world of vampires and werewolves. The convention is located at the Clarion Convention Center, 1950 Newtown Pike.

In-play areas include:

  • Henry Clay Room
  • Thoroughbred Room
  • The pool deck as needed
  • The outdoor patio adjoining the pool deck (open space as needed)
  • The convention center's public spaces

This is subject to change as the convention finalizes its event schedule and space allocations.


For the whole convention, the Henry Clay Room will function as LARP Central for the time the room is open.

  • Friday
    • 6p-12a: Introduction to LARP, Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse (Thoroughbred Room)
    • 6p-12a: Vampire the Masquerade Soft RP: Henry Clay Room, Outdoor Deck
  • Saturday:
    • 12p-6p: Werewolf the Apocalypse
      • 12-6p: External Deck, 3-6p: Henry Clay Room
    • 7p-12p: Vampire the Masquerade
      • 7p-12p: Henry Clay Room, Thoroughbred Room, External Deck, Other Spaces As Needed Per Above
  • Sunday
    • 12-1p: Final Wrap Up if players are in attendance


Each player in Bloody Athens Exhibition must have a Lexicon membership badge. You can currently get the badges two ways:

Lexicon's code of conduct applies to all players.

Rule Zero

Bloody Athens' LARP Rule Zero applies at Lexicon:

Respect the Venue.

Players who fail to heed this rule will be ejected from the LARP event, and likely the convention based on convention rules.

The Tower Enveloped In Thorns

The Tower Enveloped in Thorns is our annual Vampire: The Masquerade exhibition event at Lexicon Gaming Convention. Unlike previous years, with the game winding down and on its last year of play, we will be doing something a little different. The game we will be presenting will be a game in our normal continuity and set up for new players to enter with something unusual: the play a Prince, an Archon, or others of significant power and prestige in the Vampire: the Masquerade world.

The Premise

The Camarilla stands strong and proud, even in these tumultuous nights. The organization that supports 'civilized' vampires throughout the world is, as always, beset by problems, however. The Sabbat ramps up their Crusades throughout the world, under the guidance of Melinda Galbraith. The Inquisition marshals its forces, fearing the End Times are near. The Loyalist Assamites continue to harry infidels and traitors to the worship of their Antediluvian, Haqim. And rumors abound of a gathering of Setites making plans and meeting with other Independents, in violation of various vampiric treaties. In these nights, there is much afoot... and much to discuss.

Lady Anne Bowesley, Elder Ventrue and Queen of Domain of London, has called a Conclave of Princes. Missives go out throughout the world to Camarilla domains in good standing, inviting their Princes and their entourages; letters go out to those in the higher echelons of the Tower, the Justicars and their Archons; and other Kindred of extreme standing within the Ivory Tower. On the weekend of the Ides of March, a Conclave of Princes will be held.

Queen anne letter.jpg

Now, London opens her doors for vampire dignitaries from cities ranging from Los Angeles, California to Moscow, Russia and many others. Those of high standing come together... but vampires are forever backstabbing monsters, always hungry, be it for blood, power or prestige. What will YOU do in this Jyhad?

Participating in The Tower Enveloped in Thorns puts our players in the roles of vampires. Unlike normal games or past convention games, our convention game will be taking place in our normal Bloody Athens LARP continuity. These vampires are the high rollers of the Ivory Tower: Princes from a number of Domains, Archons here in service to their Justicar, perhaps even a Justicar him or herself... and perhaps a few unexpected guests...

Character Basics

Characters are built in groups of one-to-two from Camarilla-controlled cities around the world. Each group of 2 or more will be built as a cohesive unit, with plot hooks and ties to each other, as well as some ties to others outside of the Domain. Unlike past games, three characters from the normal Bloody Athens game will be in attendance (the Prince and the entourage he chooses), interacting with these other vampires in a 'meta event' that will shape the remaining time of the main LARP.

If you have a specific concept you'd be interested in playing, feel free to check out the pre-reg page and fill out the questionnaire!

The Domains

Below is a list of Domains and the name and a blurb of the PCs coming from that Domain to the Court of London for the Conclave. If you see something you like here, please send a message to staff and request that we hold the character. We are going on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Host Domain: London, England

  • Queen Anne Bowesley: One of the most influential power brokers of the European Kindred, Queen Anne has ruled as Prince of London for decades. A subtle diplomat and peacemaker, she is nevertheless a Prince of the Camarilla; casual observes mistake Anne for an elegant and well-heeled matriarch. But those who know better see a confident and powerful woman who maintains her domain with an iron will. (TAKEN)
  • Miriam Davenport: Known for her humility and strength, she serves as a unifying force of London's Kindred. Offering to break bread and share salt with those who can eat or share (Kine) blood for those who don't, and among her court she is known for serving the City and its members as 'one of the City.' (TAKEN)
  • Roland Sykes: A Malkavian of some ill repute, his history lies in the law; he hails from a family that spent their lives as lawyers, dating back to the Victorian era. A man of sober mind, if not an even temper, Roland makes it his business to know everything. About everyone.

New York City, NY, USA

  • Ethan Lowry (Gangrel): A Western gentleman who was as soldier and a survivor of the Mexican-American War, Ethan combines a southern genteel nature with a cowboy flair, and the savagery of a Gangrel. He is good at putting on a well-educated front, and spends his time assisting in the war effort for the Camarilla. Very military-minded, he is direct and almost too blunt in his dealings with other Kindred. He is known to be close to Imperator Karsh. (TAKEN)

Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • Camille Ashcroft (Toreador): Daughter of a shipping magnate from Victorian London, Camille grew up as the ‘son her father never had,’ learning the family business. Educated as if she were a man, she spent time abroad running the family trade posts in China. She came back with a distinct love of Asian fashion and design; as a Toreador she focuses on a great love of dance. (TAKEN)
  • Martin Burke (Ventrue): A rival of the former Prince of Los Angeles, he is looking to fill the void that LaCroix left in the hierarchy of the Ventrue (and truth be told, the Camarilla) of Los Angeles. It’s a surprise for him to be here, as entourage to Prince Ashcroft; Burke holds no city position, but wheels and deals with immeasurable wealth and connections in many mortal institutions. Martin, to his credit, is an excellent showing of a proper Ventrue, his history as a lawyer giving him ample methodology and insight into the various mental methods of the Camarilla and its processes.

Berlin, Germany

  • Franz Gruber (Brujah, Prince): The no-nonsense Prince of Berlin, he is attempting to curry support for rebuilding and attempting to sway other vampires to help repopulate the Domain of Berlin, in order to rebuild after various wars with the Sabbat and the Gargoyle Emancipation, which took a toll on his domain. A man of distinct interests, he shows an unusual personality for a Brujah in that he attempts to eschew the ‘rage monster’ angle and is deeply involved in German textile and export business, favoring words over fists in his dealings. Not that it makes his power as an Elder Brujah any less formidable.

Vancouver, Canada

  • Siegfried (Prince, Ventrue): A Ventrue of some age and repute, Seigfried is a warrior who is plagued by an edge of paranoia. Siegfried has no affiliation to the Sabbat, the Anarch Movement or the Camarilla, seeing them all as elements in the greater war that exists in the vampire world. A patrician of Roman descent, embraced during his military time, he rules his city with absolute authority. Rumor has it he’s brokered an actual treaty of alliance with the local lupines. Rumor has it he was invited her as an attempt to woo him into the Camarilla; Siegfried comes because this meeting is important, even in his shockingly unusual domain. (TAKEN)

Paris, France

  • Francois Villon (Prince, Toreador): A Toreador of great power, Francois holds himself in a high regard, having spent much of the early years of his unlife elevating himself through word and deed; he has no time for slackers and those who don’t aspire to be better than what they are. He believes that unlife is a series of challenges one should use to perfect oneself, and always aspires to inspire those around him to such deeds. A bit of a perfectionist, Francois has history with many Princes in Europe, and he has his fingers in many mortal institutions, including fashion particularly. His words are absolute law with regard to art and culture, not only in Paris but throughout much of France and the "civilized" world as well. (TAKEN)
  • Nicolas de Lancret (Toreador*): A bit of an overachiever, and very put upon Nicolas is a Toreador with a mission. That mission: to be the support pillar for Prince Villon; there seems to be a deal of some sort going on between the two. Nicolas is, otherwise, an astute individual, with a keen mind and a glib tongue; he can speak honeyed words or barbed insults with little interchange in his personality. He does express a willingness to do what it takes to get ahead, however. Even if that thing is the dirty deeds done dirt cheap. (TAKEN)

Prague, Czech Republic

  • Carlak (Prince, Brujah): From the stock of scholars, and one of the brightest students in Prague, Carlak was a scholar in life, Embraced in 1730 for his wit and talent for debate. A well-traveled and intelligent individual, he traveled the world searching for knowledge, after his sire abandoned him for her latest student. After a brief tour through America, which he found too uneducated for his tastes, he spent time as an Archon and then a Justicar, abdicating the position when Petrodon was assassinated. He now holds court in Prague, his home city, using his intellect and wit to keep his Primogen on their toes and his domain flourishing.

Warsaw, Poland

  • Janos Polyenskeyv (Prince, Nosferatu):

Milan, Italy

  • Giangaleazzo (Prince, Lasombra Antitribu): The Prince of Milan is the most famous defector from the Sabbat in recorded vampire history. Burning the Code of Milan and taking his entire Domain when he defected, Giangaleazzo pushes his domain to be a beacon of Camarilla process and protocol in the Sabbat-heavy areas around Milan. A master tactician and someone who grew up on courtly intrigue, the Lasombra became disillusioned with the sect's simplicity and carnage, yearning for the machiavellian complexities of his life time. He now wields his considerable political prowess for the Camarilla, offering distinct insight into the Sabbat, even after the unification of 5 years ago. (TAKEN)

Amsterdam, Holland

  • Arjan Voorhies (Prince, Ventrue): Arjan Voorhies is the Prince of Northern Holland is a quite capable man who oversees his domain from Amsterdam; calculating and with the predatory nature of a man raised to consolidate and control large estates. He has to be capable indeed, since his domain suffers considerably from repeated attacks by the Sabbat and the Anarchs who seem to be stronger here than anywhere else in northern Europe. Moreover, he has to deal with numerous Giovanni who have gained a footing in local economy in recent years. Nevertheless, Amsterdam can be regarded as an impressive example of a city in which the Traditions are respected in every way.

Budapest, Hungary

  • Tabor (Assamite, Primogen): A newer member of the Camarilla, Tabor serves as the new Prince of the Domain of Budapest. He feels a great sense of pride in his acceptance to such a position as an Ancilla, and strives to become a politico worthy of his clan within the Ivory Tower. By trade, Tabor is a Vizier, already given over to politics. He is learning, however, and some of the Camarilla’s methods are confusing and alien to him due to his Assamite upbringing. His nature as a secretive individual points him more to listening and only speaking when something of great import to a situation comes to his mind. (TAKEN)

Stockholm, Sweden

  • Gregor Anderssen (Prince, Malkavian): Unpredictable, Gregor was embraced during the 1600s, and is at wheel of fortune (or misfortune) depending on your view; he can be menacing, dangerous, wicked, cheeky, somewhat unreasonable and cocky to a fault at the drop of a hat. He can quickly go from being a respectful gentleman to direct and aggressive. Raised from slavery as a mortal, he was Embraced into slavery of another sort; he slew the Sabbat sire that attempted to bend him against her sect's laws, and fled, joining the Camarilla in the 1700s. His personality is a dervish; he spends most of his time presenting dignity and charm, but often swings to snark and contempt. He has been Prince of Stockholm for the last fifty years. (TAKEN)

Adelaide, Australia

  • Miranda Gallagher (Prince, Toreador): Miranda is a Toreador with a chip on her shoulder; before her Embraced, she was the wife of a minor noble and grew up in Victorian London, a happy wife and mother to five children. However, her beauty and skill with the paint brush caught her sire's eye, and he slew her entire family and Embraced her, taking her by force. Because of the heartbreak she has endured, Rebekah has built up an emotional wall and she comes across as being cruel, aggressive, brutal and mean. Despite her aggressive and brutal nature, she has shown to be emotionally fragile. She views the small Domain of Adelaide as a replacement family, as it is a small bulwark of Camarilla in an area otherwise wild or controlled by the Anarchs.

Other Notable Kindred

  • Louis Canton (Malkavian): The Harpy of New York City, Louis is one of the new arrivals in the last six months after New York was cleared of the Sabbat and retaken by the Camarilla. Louis brings with him a political acumen from a mortal upbringing as a politico. Careful and concise, Louis speaks with direct meaning and uses his political background in order to ensure Boons are carried out in the Tradition of the Camarilla. Louis has a distinct issue with germs and illness, manifesting his derangement as an unsettling OCD for cleanliness and respect of personal space. He has been granted a great honor as the Attendant Harpy of the Conclave.
  • Madame Guil (Justicar, Toreador): A Kindred with a natural grace and charm that made her easily able to settle into Camarilla society, Madam Guil has served as the Toreador Justicar for decades. She is cold and calculating, finding her 'beauty' in the flesh, the crack of the whip and the scream of the tortured; her cold demeanor has made her adept at finding and disposing of infiltrators and defectors to the Camarilla, her history with traitors and criminals the subject of many dreadful tales. Madam Guil is known for her lack of mercy, even amongst the other Justicars, with a distinct hatred of the Sabbat, particularly the Black Hand. (TAKEN)
  • Jaroslav Pascek (Justicar, Brujah): Coming from a highly religious mortal stock, Pascek spent his mortal years before his Embrace preaching a unique form of Christianity birthed from contradictions he saw in the monks who raised him, and the scripture they raised him by. Pious and devout, he believes to have sacrificed his own salvation to give it to others. His fire earned him the respect and Embrace of the Brujah and his rage at the continued meddling of mortal affairs, particularly the Church by the Sabbat, earned the Sabbat quick death at his hands. Serving now as the Brujah Justicar, he is a man of near-zealous attitude, having spearheaded many pushes to destroy Sabbat, and even Anarchs and Camarilla who ignore the Traditions. (TAKEN)
  • Landon MacNair (Archon, Ventrue):

Rage For The World

Rage for the World is a one-shot exhibition game of the new Mind's Eye Theatre: Werewolf the Apocalypse game, designed as both a preview for the system as well as a preview for the game that will be picked up in 2018 after the end of the Bloody Athens Vampire the Masquerade LARP.

The Premise

Word goes out from the Septs and Caerns of the region, of a great battle to be fought. The Wyrm rises. The Apocalypse comes. Galliards spread the word far and wide...

Brothers and Sisters, the High King has sent a Falcon spirit to us, calling for a High Moot to plan against the comings armies of the Wyrm. We are at the Apocalypse, can you not feel it? The Red Star in the sky, called the Eye of the Wyrm burns far longer than any comet would. Pentex tears the Mother's skin, poisons the air we breathe. The Dangers gather in their Black Spiral. Truly, this is the beginning of the end.

I shall not go quiety, nay I shall go with blood on my claws and a howl at my lips!

Who shall follow me into the night?

- Jesiah Twin-moons

Gathering in the wilds near Central Kentucky, the ground opens... and the Garou go to fight. To die. In service to Gaia, the Mother.

Character Information

Pre-generated characters will be available, and characters may also be created by contacting Werewolf LARP staff while on site or prior to the game. No experience with World of Darkness or Werewolf the Apocalypse is needed. Friday will feature an introductory seminar to both LARP and Werewolf the Apocalypse, allowing for players unfamiliar with either to get acquainted and make characters or pick up a pregenerated character.

For more information, send an email to Werewolf Staff.