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Welcome to Bloody Athens, a Vampire: the Masquerade live-action role playing game (LARP) based in Lexington, Kentucky. Contained on this wiki is all the information you need about our game: documents such as our house rules and allowed books, our setting and timeline, and a list of player- and staff-controlled characters.

We have now entered or last year of the existing chronicle. The game will be ending November 2017.


You can now make a donation to the LARP site fee online! Click here to be redirected!

The limitation on Generation has been removed from characters. New characters can be created at any Generation supported by the Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade core book.

We are now allowing the conversion or creation of custom content, primarily in the form of Techniques and Thaumaturgy or Necromancy Rituals. Please see the Custom Content page for more information.

Due to events in-game and some OOC factors, the game has been shortened. The new end date for the Chronicle will be November 2017, barring further changes to extend it.

The Tremere have had a Rarity change; this is detailed in the Character Creation page, but to give basics:

  • Tremere now default to the Telyav Bloodline, costing 2 Merit Points for Rarity.
  • Standard Tremere (Camarilla Tremere) are a Rare Bloodline, costing an extra 4 Merit Points for a total of 6.

Featured Character

Octavian Dunsirn

  • Clan: Giovanni
  • Sect: Independent

A new Giovanni coming to the Domain of Lexington, bringing with him a number of new connections. In particular, rumor has it that he has connections to the local and larger-scale mafias. He seems to be very chummy with the local Setites.


Recent Events

  • Athens has fallen to the Carthaginian Brujah/Baali Alliance, with many of the city's vampires being injured in defense of Athens.
  • The FBI Investigation into the bombings is wrapping up.
  • The world is still at an 'ease' place, holding its breath.

Game Updates

Upcoming Game Dates:

Unless otherwise specified, all game days run 12pm to midnight.


  • May 20th

1938 Stanton Way, Lexington, KY 40511 - Four Points by Sheraton, Salon E

  • Afternoon - Troupe Changeling the Lost (12pm-5pm)
  • Evening - Troupe Cam/Anarch Vampire the Masquerade (6pm-11am)

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